Do you want God to work in your life?

We have weekly prayer meetings held at St Peter’s Church and a pastoral team to support people with care and prayer.  If you are worried about something or someone and you would like us to pray for you, please fill out the prayer form below and our prayer team will lift up prayers for you…

Why do we gather to pray?

Do we pray to plead for our friends and loved ones? No. God loves and cares for all of us, his creation, far more than we could ever know or imagine.

So when we pray, is it in the hope that with the strength of our cries we could spur a sleeping God to action or even twist God’s arm to get what we want (to make happen what should happen)? No, of course not! The God we worship, the God revealed in the bible, the God made flesh in Jesus – doesn’t need us to tell him the good that He should do?

So why do we pray? Well simply, as commanded, we pray together to bring our hearts to God – which is of course what we’ve been made for- for intimacy with and reliance upon God. And it is as we do this, come to God with our hearts desires, we are told that something unique will happen. That we’ll get what we want? No, simply that we’ll find God at work in our broken world. And we’ll be a part of this work, rather than outsiders, standing with our noses pressed against the glass – instead we’ll be part of the good that God always does, even in the darkest of situations. And as we pray not only will God work (and God will) but we’ll begin to be equipped to do our work; the practical, costly, inconvenient, sacrificial work of love that we are called to do.

Our dedicated prayer team are trained and experienced in prayer ministry and will lift up your requests to God.

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Liz Mack
Liz Mack

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George Pendenque

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If you would like to meet up with anyone from the prayer team for more prayers, please come along to any of our Sunday services and we’ll pray for you in person.

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When you pray for one of the requests below, please be sure to click on the 'I prayed for you' button so we can let people know how many times they have been prayed for...
Request Title# PrayersDate 
For a real job!409-22-2017View Details
To Recieve Work109-10-2017View Details
Entrance to medical faculty309-29-2016View Details
A prayer for my Dad 409-07-2016View Details
Prayer for a Prodigal207-31-2016View Details
general307-27-2016View Details
health/healing307-24-2016View Details
protection1207-18-2016View Details
A prayer for my Dad 407-05-2016View Details
Miracles for touch heart506-11-2016View Details
Prayer for healing204-25-2016View Details
Pat M's rehabilitation303-13-2016View Details
Alex203-10-2016View Details
Pat M603-06-2016View Details
John to get a placement501-18-2016View Details
urgently home for pet201-11-2016View Details
Please pray for me.312-15-2015View Details
pray for confidence 511-11-2015View Details
pray for honor and clement 411-11-2015View Details
Witchcraft511-08-2015View Details
Biopsy310-30-2015View Details
Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus310-21-2015View Details
salvation deliverence810-10-2015View Details
pray for my involvement in a funeral 610-02-2015View Details
pray for this family509-27-2015View Details
Brenda609-26-2015View Details
Voice609-26-2015View Details
Jacky509-26-2015View Details