Lifetyme St-Peters086What is the point of St Peter’s?

‘Love God, love people – no really.’

We believe that ‘religion’ can be so dull and unhelpful.  So, although you will enjoy many different worship styles at St Peter’s (from traditional to contemporary) – they are not the point!

Jesus said that everything we need to do could be summed up in the words ‘love God with everything you’ve got and love your neighbour as yourself’. This is what we’re aiming to do at St Peter’s.

So we’ll lead you in worship and prayer, and you’ll get challenging teaching, for young and old, on a Sunday.  There is also the opportunity to join, with friends, in small groups during the week. But every now we will ask you to double check on the vision –  ‘no really’ – are you really loving as you could?

What do we do?

The mission statement of the church (what steps we’re going to take to achieve our aim) has just three steps:

1.  Reveal God through acts of service and evangelism.

2. Draw everyone on to maturity in Christ.

3. Focus on the frontlines.

Everything we do, on a Sunday and during the week, we do to achieve these aims. 

The first two points speak for themselves – but a word of explanation of what ‘frontlines’ are.  Your frontline is that place where you spend most of your time, whether that be in the office, the home or at school.  We really want to focus on equipping, supporting and encouraging you to serve God there, where He has placed you.