ALPHA 2018

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Are you a believer, non-believer? Somewhere in between?

We’ll be delving into some of the most relevant questions about the Christian Faith at our forthcoming Alpha Course. Questions like:

  • Christianity – Boring, Untrues or Irrelevant?

  • Who is Jesus?

  • Why did Jesus die?

  • How can we have faith?

  • Why and how do I pray?

  • How can I resist Evil?


…and more.

Ten’s of thousands of people have attended the Alpha Course and haven’t looked back. If you have questions, this is the perfect, non committal opportunity to get the answers.

Alpha Starts on THURSDAY 24th MAY at 8:00pm and the course lasts 10 weeks. Lite refreshments are provided, followed by informal group discussion.

For more information please contact Jane or Nikki →